Outside Activities

I am an owner of Integra FEC LLC, Integra REC LLC, Integra Research Group LLC, and Integra MED Analytics LLC, which engage in litigation consulting and research connected to fraud discovery and recovery. The mission of these companies is to expose darkness and to aid the defrauded.

These entities work and have worked with government entities and law firms to assist in fraud recovery efforts and hence can stand to gain financially from consulting or potential recovery efforts from litigation. Integra has purchased substantial data and provided research support for some of my recent research. Working together with resources and talented people from Integra, I hope to not only write more impactful and accurate academic papers, but also help enact important practical change. I view my academic research and activities at Integra as alternative avenues to accomplish the similar goal of exposing fraud and aiding the defrauded. For more information about Integra see http://integrafec.com/.